Nirmala Construction


Landscaping grants neatness to your home’s or commercial building’s external environment; it is crucial to arrange the surrounding area in an orderly manner to enhance charming living.

However, due to the exorbitant cost involved with garden preparation, many prefer to stay away from utilising a professional service. Nirmal House Construction is keen on providing a highly affordable yet distinctive scenic external atmosphere for you. Our team carries out a comprehensive inspection of your land considering foremostly your thoughts such as plant preferences and flower beddings as well as other physical factors such as the levelness that exist to derive the best suitable answer for an appealing garden.

Interlock Paving

Interlock Paving provides an elegant view of your backyard, garage, parking, and walkways while granting a solid convenient surface to move around. Nirmala House Construction renders a comprehensive package of services for all your paving requirements including both cement-made and natural stones. Our team is extremely capable of recommending the most appropriate design to suit your aspirations and your budget. We undertake the entire job of laying from ground preparation to finishing the installation or we can supply different types of paving stones in various shapes and colours matching your desire whilst the long-lasting durability along with the material quality has been guaranteed by Nirmal House Construction.