Nirmala house Construction
Nirmala house Construction
Nirmala house Construction

About Nirmala House Construction

Nirmala House Construction, over the years, pioneered the art of converting your long-felt desire to build your dream palace into a reality in a more economical way without compromising the quality.

From your childhood, you probably have started dreaming of building an enchanting place where you live with your loved ones; thus, in your thoughts, you indeed have your ideas and feelings about a dream home and struggling to make it a reality within affordable budget limits.

There is no need to suffer any longer, simply contact Nirmala House Construction and it never let your dream be a mere dream. Thus, once you start to unfold your long-awaited inner feelings about your desired home, our team will deeply consider all aspects of it keeping you away from all hassle and puzzles whilst granting a space to spend your precious time on other important affairs.

Nirmala House Construction never compromises the quality of your dream home as we personally guarantee the reliability of the work; since we also have our own experiences about the hardships of building a home. Hence, we never allow even a fraction of your hard-earned money to be wasted as we have our own experience of the importance of it in one’s whole life.

We exceedingly prepare to carry out your requirements based on Vastu Sastra customaries while saving its tranquillity and modernity. Besides, our thoroughly experienced and dedicated team of professionals will work around the clock to meet your expectations.

Only the thing that you need to do is, cut the first sod of the earth at an auspicious time and leave the rest of the whole work to Nirmala House Construction; thereafter, you merely make the necessary visits at your convenient to experience the signs of progress.

We proudly state that Nirmala House Construction is your dependable partner in your home building and commercial construction needs.


  • More than 10 years of experience in the field of construction
  • High quality construction services and standards
  • Our quality customer service
  • Work done on schedule.
  • We never start a project until we understand your needs
  • Affordable Prices
  • We offer uncompromising service to all of our clients
  • We employ full-time safety professionals.


nirmala construction
Nirmala homes, provides services based on the client’s budget and cost effective way.

We supply low cost and quality building materials for our projects anywhere in sri lanka.

We are expertized in roof designs. We have well experienced architectures and engineers to design the latest roof designs for your house.

We provide life time guaranty for our projects.

We are here to help ensure that you get off to a perfect start! We design and sell our own plans, and we offer custom modifications to ensure that your home will meet local requirements and other special needs.

We offer our services in western province and its surroundings in sri lanka.

We will assist you to find a land for your budget and build your house for your requirements.

Our engineers first plan the building structure based on your requirements and commence the construction work.

We have flexible payment system while you are building your house.

We are ready to help you to get financial loans from banks.